Amazon deploys its futuristic inventions in stores


Amazon deploys its futuristic inventions in stores

It is the world’s number one in online commerce. He is the inventor of connected personal assistants. It is a multinational corporation employing 1.3 million people, founded and run by the richest man in the world, Jeff Bezos. But Amazon is also a company shaking up the retail sector with its innovations. And as two announcements made last week have shown, the American firm is now deploying its inventions in the real world.

The group continues to innovate first in the field of payments. Last fall, Amazon demonstrated its ability to identify a person by scanning the palm of their hand. Now, the company is accelerating the deployment of this technology, called Amazon One. It will be available at a Whole Foods store in Seattle, right next to the multinational’s headquarters. For the record, Amazon had made a sensational breakthrough in the retail market by buying in 2017, for $ 13.7 billion, the organic supermarket chain Whole Foods and its some 400 stores located in North America.

Without credit card

Amazon One was in recent weeks only available in stores labeled Amazon. Its technology is now reaching supermarkets, with the goal of expanding it to other Whole Foods branches. Concretely, when arriving at the store checkout, the customer will have the choice. He can continue to pay in cash or by card. He can also adjust by placing the palm of his hand a few centimeters above a biometric sensor. The first time, he will have to do it at the same time as he uses his credit card. But every subsequent time, presenting the palm of your hand will suffice. The client can also choose to show the palms of both hands.

This innovation will eventually overtake Amazon and Whole Foods. Because the goal of the multinational is to sell its technology, which seems perfectly developed, to other companies. And Amazon One also goes beyond the strict framework of in-store payments, since this solution will be able, more generally, to identify anyone, for any service, based on the palm of their hand.

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Smart shopping cart

At the same time, the group headed by Jeff Bezos is continuing to develop two systems in test stores. First, there is the system allowing the consumer to leave the store… without paying. The customer identifies himself at the entrance of the supermarket with his phone. Then, it is a system of sensors and cameras installed everywhere in the trade which makes it possible to know what the consumer takes from the rays. As soon as he leaves the store, his credit card is debited for what he took with him.

Amazon is testing another system, which is based on a sort of intelligent shopping cart: also equipped with various sensors, the trolley is able to detect on its own what the customer leaves there, and thus to invoice it directly. In both cases, these systems make it possible to do without staff at the checkouts, since they no longer exist.


In another market, Amazon presented another innovation last week: the launch in London of a hairdressing salon. Initially reserved for its own employees, before being opened to external customers, this fair will offer two new functions to its customers. They will be able, via mirrors and augmented reality systems, to see in advance what a particular haircut will look like. It will also be possible to preview a new color for your look. At the same time, customers just need to point their finger at beauty products to see their characteristics displayed on screens.

With the launch of Amazon Salon, the multinational also wants to show that it is betting a lot on the world of cosmetics. The company has already created an online site where professionals in the sector can purchase thousands of different products.

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