1,500 drones form a QR code in the sky to download games!


1,500 drones form a QR code in the sky to download games!

Most recently in Shanghai, a company flew no less than 1,500 drones forming a giant QR code. People who attended the show were able to capture the motif with their smartphones and download games. This communication operation was a success in this country where the QR code is widely used.

1,500 drones in the sky over Shanghai

Drones can have many uses such as terrain reconnaissance, aerial photography, the delivery of goods, the transport of organs or even the pollination of crops. However, these machines can also be used to organize night shows in the sky. In July 2020, South Korea used this ingenious means to communicate on the importance of wearing the mask during this pandemic period.

As reported by the Singaporean media Mothership in a post from April 20, 2021, a show of the genre recently took place in Shanghai (China). The Suzhou Unimes company flew 1,500 drones in the sky from the city. The goal? Allow a large number of spectators to point their smartphone and access games to download online. The show took place at the “Bund” (外灘), one of Shanghai’s historic boulevards where there are several European-style and / or colonial-era buildings.

Credits: YouTube capture / Suzhou Unimes Group Co., Ltd

An effective communication coup

The show in question revolved around the hit mobile game Princess Connect Re: Diving released in 2018 in Japan and only in April 2020 in China. It was therefore to celebrate the anniversary of the game’s release in China. The drones performed different choreographies displaying in turn the characters of the game, different messages, the game logo and of course the QR code. So many people were able to use this link to go to a website with more information and download links. This operation appears to be a communication blow as effective as it is spectacular since tens of thousands of people have used the famous link.

It must be said that China is one of the countries in the world where QR codes are used the most, even in these times of crisis. In February 2020 at the start of the Covid-19 epidemic, the Chinese government had developed a new QR code system with different colors. Depending on the code assigned, citizens were likely to be asked to stay at home for a longer or shorter time, a way of fight against the spread of the virus. Obviously, this method had come under strong criticism for its authoritarian character.

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